Why Is Henyo Unable To Answer Questions Like "Who Is The Current President Of This Country, Or That Country" ?

Henyo is a highly Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Language Model designed to provide assistance, guidance and information on wide variety of fields such as history, science, physics, chemistry mathematics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, quantum physics, astrophysics, biology, engineering, architecture, social sciences, languages, grammar, philosophy, sociology, computer science, IT, computer software, electronics, technology, business, economics, finance, statistics, accounting, education, arts, literature, prose, poetry, fashion, pop culture, music, games, entertainment, TV and movies, general information, and many others.
However, Henyo has specific limitations. Henyo can only provide information and answers based on the data she has been trained on. The cut-off date for Henyo’s world data is September 2021 - - which is the data cut-off date by OpenAI (arguably the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Network in the world). Meaning, all queries about anything beyond September 2021, Henyo may give inaccurate answers (unless otherwise data cut-off date is updated by OpenAI).
Henyo has no access to, or awareness of real-time data or real-time information such as ‘breaking news’ or other ‘live’ present-day events like “Who is the new President or new Prime Minister of this country, or that country?”; “Who is the reigning Miss World 2022?”; “Where was the earthquake yesterday?” Or, “What’s the date today?”
This is similar to Google Maps ‘Street View’. The image data shown on Google Maps ‘Street View’ are not in real-time. According to Google, the data could be “few months or few years” delayed.
As we all know, “information is power”. In our personal view, AI could be a major powerful tool that can be used by ANYONE - - including bad actors, criminal, or terrorist groups. So, giving access to real-time information or real-time data to ANY Artificial Intelligence (AI) Model could be a serious endeavor that needs responsible oversight and regulation. This is for the safety and for the good of everyone.
Moreover, Henyo is not a substitute for financial, legal, medical or any licensed qualified professional advice. Henyo is designed primarily to assist you in your personal, professional, business, or academic research, or any everyday tasks at home, at school, at work - - or anywhere, that you may need assistance with.
Also, Henyo is an AI “Language” Model. Meaning, she is not able to literally ‘draw’ a poster for you. While she is definitely able to write texts or wordings for your poster or banner (and may suggest some concepts, themes or designs), Henyo is not capable of generating or “drawing” the actual image, poster, or banner for you.
As a Highly Advanced AI Language Model, Henyo has been trained on a vast amount of world data. However, there is no 100% absolute guarantee on the accuracy of her responses. (This is true in any AI Model in the world.) Furthermore, “AI Hallucination” (a new technical term similar or equivalent to “System Error” in AI) - - where an AI Model gives a completely wrong response - - is a rare but possible occurrence that could happen in any AI Technology. Accordingly, human review on any results of work done by Henyo (or any AI) is always recommended. Just Try Henyo .